About Thomas V Conwell

Thomas V. Conwell has a long history of founding successful enterprises and launching public-private initiatives. Today, he operates as the founding President of Old Naples Investment, a Florida business-consulting firm offering advice on commercial mergers and acquisitions, public-private collaborations, and real estate acquisition and development. Since establishing Old Naples Investment, Thomas V. Conwell has spearheaded negotiations for an 18-hole golf course in Naples and a multimillion-dollar marina in Sarasota, and he has coordinated with local and federal entities, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, on disaster relief in South Florida and surrounding areas.

Thomas Conwell earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Communications from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota and a Master’s degree in Portfolio Analysis from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He started out working at the Chicago Board of Trade before launching several enterprises in the finance and real estate fields during the 1990s. Selling his companies, he moved to South Florida, where he founded Old Naples Investment in 2004. In recent years, Mr. Conwell has worked with existing businesses to grow their revenues and operations. He currently serves as Executive Director and consultant with Gold Coast Wealth Strategies’ Fort Myers office. In the last three years, he has run the financial advisory firm’s Fort Myers operations and has consistently doubled annual business in the area.

Since 2010, Thomas Conwell has also served as the Director of Business Development for Fort Myers-based Biovation. A developer of sustainable technologies and solutions, Biovation also focuses on site contamination remediation in southwest Florida. Mr. Conwell also appears weekly on the Florida Professionals Association’s Ask an Expert call-in radio show, addressing questions from local business owners and professionals.


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